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Free iPad

You have been wanting it and then you heard all about the great free iPad offer on the radio, now you can get your free iPad quickly and easily.

Your free US iPad is waiting for you, register now and complete the process to get yours.

  • Free iPad – Just complete the required surveys and signup for the trial offers.
  • The cost of the Free iPads is subsidized by promotional offers you must signup for.
  • Free iPads for residents of the US.
  • 100% Reputable – Thousands given away a year.



FREE with participation

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    Worldwide Accessibility

    Thee Free US iPad is only available to residents of the United States but the iPad can be used worldwide, access your Apps and Internet fron anywhere!

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    Stay Connected

    Use your new iPad to stay connected to your friends via email. Your new iPad will work with Twitter, Facebook, Email, Skype, and so much more!

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    App Store Access

    Your free iPad will be able to access everything in the Apple App Store where you can download hundreds of thousands of apps for your iPad.

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    Genuine Apple iPad

    Completing the required promotional offers will get a free genuine Apple iPad; there are many imitations out there, Free US iPad only provides genuine Apple iPads.

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    Quick & Easy

    Getting your free iPad is simple, signup and complete the required number of promotional offers to qualify. It will be shipped to you rather quickly.

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    All information provided will be securely stored. You do not have to worry about unauthorized release of your information.

Testimonials from people who got their Free iPad:

  • I couldn’t believe it, I completed all the required offers and I got my free iPAD 3! I was skeptical but it actually came in the mail.Janice Wharton, Seattle, WA
  • I heard about freeusipad on the radio, and I’m so glad I did – I got my free iPad in about 4 weeks!.Jessica Young, Fort Lauderdale, FL


45 thoughts on “Get a FREE iPad

  1. jacob

    i really want a ipad to keep and stay in touch with family and friends and i hope i get a ipad i really want one because the rest of the people in my house computers or something 2 keep in touch with people and my family wont let me get on their stuff

  2. nyaena

    I really need one I’m the only one one in my how’s that doesn’t have please let me get one I’ll iPad I will not say anything else my cousin wants a family have fun I’m the only one

  3. jessica

    i really need and ipad for my school work and other thing so please could i have one i despratly need one


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